Huaming Redwood has 22 years of history since its founding in 1992. The Huaming people have continuously developed and innovated in the more than 20 years of wind and rain, summed up a set of their own production experience, and become a collection of design, production, sales, service In one integrated enterprise.
Huaming Redwood aims to create "Nantong Famous Brand" with quality, and strives to compete for "Chinese Famous Brand". Professional design, production and sales of mahogany art furniture, home mahogany furniture, office furniture, hotel furniture, and undertake villa solid wood decoration.
With more than 20 years of continuous development and accumulation, the scale has continued to grow. We have a 6000㎡ standardized factory building, the first CNC horizontal saw in Nantong, a steam drying kiln, a wax injection dryer and a series of advanced machinery. Huaming people also delve into the origin of the wood, and select premium woods such as Huanghua pear, rosewood, rosewood, rosewood and other precious woods. Carving, sanding, and finally using a traditional lacquer and waxing process, a product is finally completed. Not only that, we also provide lifelong maintenance of furniture. Let every customer buy at ease, with peace of mind.